Changing faces - Ladies man

Hey, hey, yo is this thing on?
Oh, for a second there I thought that I was
Was the only one whose man put
His car before his girl,
Put his friends before the relationship,
But i guess these are the things we have to deal with huh?

Stood me up for the thousandth time ( thousandth time)
Said he was runnin' round
He was crazy busy at the studio.
I wanted to key his car, cut his his clothes,
I wanted him to die.
But then he stepped in for a second
And hit it and he made it alright.

He's a ladies man
A play boy
A smooth talking dough trickin'
Hoe pimpin
Gotta go gotta go type of ni--a
Uses the same excuse
Knows every trick in the book
He ain't no good
But I love this man

[Repeat: x 2]
Any girl would probably say that I'm a fool,
Girl don't trip 'cause you know that it done happened to you,
You done ran into a guy that had your head all messed up,
Got ya comin out your clothes, talk you out your drawles,
And never fall in love.

[Chorus: x 2]

I know he got another girl ( I know)
I know he anit always at work (what kind of work in the world?)
I know he really got the pay ( he was working studio)
I know about the game he plays ( I know)
I acted like I didn't know
Sometimes you gotta play the role ( ya gotta play the role)
Never made me feel like I'm a hoe
But he made me feel like I'm number one ( number one)

[Chorus: x 2]

Don't know why I love him like I do [Repeat: x 2]
But I do (I do, I do)

[Chorus until fade]


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