Mystikal - Family

[Chorus: Mystikal & Girl]
Tell me where you from round? (I'm from here)
Tell me where you from round? (I'm from here)
Tell me where you from round? (I'm from right chere)

[Repeat: x 2]
Where's ya family?, mighty family,
Where's ya family?, mighty family (from right chere)

[Verse 1: Mystikal & Female singer]
I heat up the way coffee be
Tasty like pastry
Got mo' flavors than parsely
With 9 aunties and 2 uncles

I got a lot of cousins, so watch how you talk to me
Good ol' places, good ol' times, doing good ol' thangs
That was just the good ol' days,
Most of my people still look the same

All though we deep in the numbers,
Our feelings is close as the lotto ya heard me
We originated in Louisiana way back in the 1930's
On the farm in the son of mister and misses Joyner and Mary Tyler

Hooked up with they daughter,
Daughter Josephine the difference do you know what I mean
She was on the cotton field
He was on the farm where the cows get killed

Then they moved off the plantation
Then [unknown] came in a few mo' years
First came Rosa Lee, then Lord June Bug, then Anna Lee
Then Louise and Alberta, then my mama came who they call Marie

Without a breather, um, here come Mary Alice, and Linda
Po' Grandma stayed bare foot, pregnant, and always baring
Don't worry be happy, whatever we got we was glad that we had it
After that, here come the last three, (Who was?)
Loyce, Alan, and Kathy

[Chorus: Mystikal & Female singer]

[Verse 2: Mystikal]
And I'm just another kid,
That come from one of the children of dear papa
One of Booko grandchildren,
Represent Lawerence and Elizabeth Tyler (like who?)

And my cousin Harry, cousin Becky, my cousin's Derita and Larry
Rocky, Walter, and Herbert, Meeky,
And Tiffany, Cynthia, Dede, and Tary,
Poncho, Erica and Junior, Mimi, Defra, Petey, Cheryl and Buster

Jermaine and Fayette, Ronald and Donald, my crazy twin cousins
Albert, Lil' Will, and Tasha, Trenette, Shirlet, Robby and Ranisha
Lisa, Lil' Alan and Derrick and Teddy,
Michelle, Marquel, and Michael and Rece, and Ronisha,

Cory and Brandon, Ranika, Christy, and Marty and Kisha
Craig, Geremy, Chad and Millian, my child Tary, ??? and Robel
Ariel and Lawerence Anthony, Dazy, Courtney and Jaren
Mikey, Brittney, and Kelan, Lil' Brian, Arian and Lil' Harry

Keke and Brian junior, Nikki, Lil' Donald, and Donyette,
And the people I forgot, Uncle Lynn, Uncle George, and Bafay and Auntie

[Chorus: Mystikal & Female Singer]

[Verse 3: Mystikal]
Now that you know about my family ties,
And my family history, and my family size
I done took ya back five generations and broke it down for ya,
Now haven't I?

From greatgrandparents to grandparents,
Mama's and daddy's and Uncle's and Aunties
To all of my in-law'es, nana's pa raisers and nephews and niece's
From moma's and papa's, stomach still growing so the number increases

From sisters and brothers, baby daddy's,
Baby mama's, branch cousins and play cousins
So watch how you look at me,
You never know who I'm kind to when you pasting

If you ain't in ya own back yard
Better be careful coz we just might ax ya

[Chorus: Mystikal & Female singer]

[Female singer & Mystikal till fade [various ways]:]
You better watch how you look at me
Cause I'm from here

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