Trijntje Oosterhuis - See You as I Do

Ohhhhhhhhhhh ahhh
Something so beautiful

So you ask just what it is I see in you
Well it's every little thing you do
You make me smile

Well there's something that I can't put my finger on
And we've only just begun
I'm like a child

You're a sweet melody
I could sing it all over and over again
Such a pure harmony
And I just won't stop feeling the way I do

If you could see you (as I do)
You'd fall in love (with me too)
No matter how hard you keep trying
You will never see what I see in you
Ohhh ahhhh

Like a brother, a friend to lend a helping hand
You always seem to understand
You catch me when I fall
And when I sing out of key
Or the words that I'm saying just don't come out right
You just love me for me
So I just won't stop telling you how I feel


Imagine as the lights go down
We don't hear a sound
You and I together
As you take my hand
Lead me to the dance
Now and forever


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