Ufo - Dreaming

Kids are cruising on the old shoreline
Goodbye-girls killing time
Feel like soldiers we couldn't wait
Running wild, rushing to our fate

* we kept dreaming, kids are dreaming

Sleeping rough out on brighton's beach
A step from the law just out of reach

** we kept dreaming, dreaming me and you

*** got a plan we couldn't blow
Nobody cares, nobody knows
Made a stand and played a show
Nobody cares, nobody knows

Hiding in the wrecks of burned out cars
Found a compass on the promenade
Gangs assemble in the old arcade
By looking cool we thought we had it made

* repeat

We ran wildly against the tide
Nothing much just our teenage pride

** repeat ***



Down the alleys to the old stage door
They heard the band coming through the floor
Eric burdon and the animals played
In our minds the impression's made

** repeat

*** repeat and fade mixing ** and ***

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