Poison Clan - In My Nature
Overige artiesten: JT Money

[DRUGZ:] Yo Debonaire there's that girl you tried to talk to!

[DEB:] Word!

[DRUGZ:] Hey yo baby come here yo why you tryin' to front on my man


[ANGIE:] Debonaire?

[DRUGZ:] Yeah.

[ANGIE:] Uh uh. All the girls tell me that he's no good.

[DRUGZ:] Oh, aaight, I ain't gon' argue, but yo, wussup with me? My name is


[ANGIE:] Look, all you Poison Clan brothers are no good.

[Verse 1: Debonaire]

Debonaire's bad and so I'm called the Devil's Dad

I kick the funky stuff because I'm rough, and I'ma add

That, girls, I cold leave 'em, I totally deceive 'em

I soothe and then relieve 'em, and then you best believe I'm,

Outie-5000, and I find another bitty

They tell me it's a pity, I want to get the whole city

Girl, so don't you be shocked, you best to get set

Women say I'm sick, but ask me have I seen a vet yet?

Naw, I just keep on, I keep hoe-in'

I keep goin' nowhere and, I can't stop and so in

About a two year period I think I'll put Jim in,

Wait up, lemme see, well, about a hunderd women

(Damn!) Because of that, lots of women want to hate ya

But I'm sayin', yo, it's in my nature!

[Chorus: Angie ]

According to the Poison Clan, you can never trust a man

I know a man would fool around, but I still can't understand

[Verse 2: JT Money]

Lovin' and leavin', that's what I believe in

Yo! I only think about me when I'm skeezin'

So, women get mad and call me everything from A to Z

But I don't care, 'cause you know, I'm the J to T,

To the dollar sign, and you will hardly find

Another brother with a pipe game as good as mine

So I flaunt the gift that I was given

And don't ask because you know how I'm livin'

(True.) Bein' in love's for the birds; I ain't a pigeon

They say love is blind; I got 20/20 vision

(Word.) So if you don't want your feelings hurt,

Don't be on my back like you a Poison Clan t-shirt

And when I tell you these things, it's not to make you

Mad at me, but you should know it's in my nature

[Chorus ]

[Verse 3: Debonaire]

Women crowd around and say, "Look how insane he acts!"

When they need to check out Drugz and Uzi, man, they're maniacs

It's facts that I'm kickin', so girl, ain't nothin' made up

I'm talkin' on a straight-up,

but still you're sayin' to hold up and wait up

You think I'm lyin', while talkin' of my nature then

It's not my fault that all the women want to hate ya when

People can't help it, they shouldn't want to hate ya,

But they think it's voluntary, not just in my nature

[DRUGZ:] Yo, now you see what I'm sayin'?

Yo, Debonaire and JT, they ain't got no flavor, but I'm versatille!

[ANGIE:] Uh-uh, 'cause y'all run the same ol' game, day after day.

DRUGZ:] Oh, naw, not me, baby, I'm different!

[ANGIE:] Look, birds of a feather flock together.

[DRUGZ:] Hey yo, my name is Drugz, and I change up like the weather!


[Verse 4: JT Money]

People say the things I do to women make 'em rowdy

Lie to get down, bang the boots, then I'm outie

5 on a mission, see I'm not dissin'

As long as there's fish in the sea, I'll be fishin'

'Cause one's not enough; I ain't a wimp, I'm a pimp,

And uh, I ain't lonely for no relationships!

You want to be the girl that I hate? I ain't frontin'

'Cause this ain't the A-Team, slim, You Gets Nothin'

No money, no clothes, or a lil' kiss

None of that unless you like gettin' dissed!

I act this way, not because I hate ya,

But you should know, it's in my nature

[Chorus, repeat till fade]

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