C-Murder - Freedom
Overige artiesten: Anita Thomas Porsha

I want my freedom full freedom full freedom mmm hmmm
I want my freedom full freedom full freedom mmm hmmm

Verse 1

As I look in the mirror I see the picture gettin' clearer
On the rip of this straightest of the life that I live
But uh I see em comin' before they approach
Just like a stafty slot until you circle with hope
I maintaining on your legendary dreams and stack
Making million dollar moves with many platinum plaques
Negotiate your freedom, you catchin' CRP

From the court from blue, come many nights no sleep
What's the scenario of life when you trapped in crime
My 'lil homie still incarcerated for packing a nine
Now history repeat itself, there's black on black
Check my background, there's evidence just hide it's back
Eliminate all my foes, we run violent thrusts
Excuse me for my crime but in God I trust
Bossalinie unaffected by the eyes of even
Cause I'm military minded and demand my freedom

Verse 2
Record labels try to sign for many years in fact
Want a life time commitment, get you hooked like crack
Independent, black owned, you can keep your deal
I remain with No Limit cause the tank be real
I lose my cousin eight years for the time he spent
The penitentiary is full of black violent, meant
Try to make a change, they can't
Cause they cuffs to tight

Momma please help us cause my mind ain't right
It ain't easy being me with my skin so toned
The mother land ain't been the same since they took me from home
My mobile phone in the benz, gettin' high with my friends
Rainy days got us fighting each other, digging our graves
A cell block full of pictures, can't wait for parole
I need a second change of life cause I'm getting to old
And it's cold I can't see, can't sleep at night
Like a rebel for my freedom, I'll be prepared to fight


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