Gambino family - U neva know

You see my momma always told me keep my eyes on your friends
And my enemies close ahead, but these demonds got a nigga possessed
I feel these punk bitches playin' in my death,
But all this greed and envy, got me green hard on thses streets,
But i'd rather regret it fucking sweeping and sweep
Its like the game got us young niggas playing for keeps
I used to ball wit my niggas,
Neva figure what made'em change
They sold they souls to the do'
But only the Lord can help'em
I keep my eyes on my friends for so much envy because the enemies,
You neva know


You neva know who the enemy be, niggas murdered my uncle
In cold blood on these city streets
It got my momma crying in her sleep, worrering me, i'm cursed to see
So much mother fucking mizzery, surroundin' me
I feel like i'm standing in a pile of shells
I know my enemies want me to burn in hell
that's why i keep my fucking eyes open, real wide, don't want to die
Player haters coming, in disguise
I know my enemies, trying to put me to rest
Its like i here my enemies discussin' my death
My momma always told me that i ain't got no friends
The one you think he's your friends that's the one'll do you in

[Chorus x2]


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