Fatal - Friday

Who dat?, what?,
There they go, there they go
There they go
The same motherfuckers,
You know nigga it`s fuckin` Friday
We doin` it like last Friday
(Niggas ain`t got shit to do)
(So we gon` get fucked up)
Who dat?

[Verse 1]
Bert and Hussein, back to back now that`s flammable
Smokin` ya brain, attack the track like we some animals
Mechanical, live wire jaw, rap cannibals
Fire force survive behind bars, like we unhurtable
Swervin` through Jerz emerge and serve you don`t deserve to pull,
Another breath of oxygen,
Has is known for oxin` `em
cool Kas` chrome be droppin` `em,
Killa Kane be lockin` Philipane
Drip from a toxic tongue
Get done wid it,
Out of control like we begun wid it
Bricks explode, licked you out the show
That nigga Bump did it
I block, like Murdock, army fatigued and,
Bout to store blocks an` Fort Knox ya minor league shit
Breathe this, ballistic, shell like Khadafi
Bringin` the blizzards when I make bail you can`t stop me,
In jail all that I can see provoking hell,
Chokin` at a third rail velocity
Obviously ya men have, been barkin` up the wrong tree
Microphone strong deep bomb first
Ya mind burst within a rhyme verse
Dirty Bert rehearse the worse of me,
The black clip`s burnin` me
The cat who act fraternity
The landscape`s redded,
Fuck it ya man said it
Ya shoulda never let it escape
We won`t wet it,
Squeezing, leavin holes in ya crew,
Maestro can stand through,
When I pass the Mac to Rock that nigga brand you
When I pass the Mac to Rock that nigga brand you

Ten out of ten
No ya chance is a ninth
We do jail wid no bail
Losin` half of our life
Livin` the life of the poor
Losin` sight in the war
You can slice it down precise
Shit`s trife around the board

[Verse 2]
We in this thing together
Tryna build the same cheddar
It`s strange sometimes I think paranoid clutchin` my waist
A fake couldn`t relate to,
Drugs and honeys,
My hugs are funny
And thugs blow slugs for the money
Gunshots, mobbin` up quiet late nights
Walkin` down New, you betta think twice
This shit ain`t right,
It`s all wrong,
NARC`s we slide on
It ain`t safe season
Say it`s strength in numbers
We rolled the whole precint
Rev the whip up,
We live `98 stick-ups
Loadin` clips up
That flimsy ass vest we rip up
New Jerz, come check us
But don`t test us
Oppose, we throw holes in ya Lexus
Act whatever, clap whatever
When we clap we clap together
Leavin` you cats on the stretcher
O.N.S. and the Embassy,
Outlawz and Pentagon
If it ain`t that,
It ain`t shit to me
It ain`t shit to me

[Verse 3]
Fake lies, close ya eyes,
Nigga die in the dark
You little hip hop cop,
Playin` spy in the park
We turn schemes to cream
Cause we fiend for green
Wid the cops and streets watchin`
Ain`t no need to dream
Codine my team,
Full beam on ya knotty
Killuminati to ya body
Got mooned wid the shotti
Getto star you for Amaru,
Yak see you tomorrow,
I know you here,
These other niggas be like where are you?
The Henny`ll start you,
Dirty ever semi I borrow,
No confrontation or quarrel
I can`t shake up or startle
The time taker
Tying `em up like Ron Baker
Here to shake and break `em down
Like the LA Lakers
I see through `em
Ain`t no tellin` what I`ma bout to leave through `em
While he lay there I stay there
While the paramedics`ll breathe through him
Squeeze through him,
Put the E to him, hit `em up
He gon` lay there shakin` waitin` for y`all to pick him up
Ya outta there,
Quick as you squeal, I`ll appeal
It`s kill or be killed,
In this world of free steel
Every crew`s a game,
Wearin` blues is strange
From how you move you`ll be named
For what you doin` who you claim
You might, think it`s a game
From bein` critically acclaimed
A war winner for pitiful game
Fuck wid Hussein

[Verse 4]
From cops got our feet tired
Everybody split up anybody get caught
Son just keep quiet,
These C`s watchin` me,
Two CDS` of armed robbery
Terroristic bread and possession of stolen property,
Keep to myself that`s how I got to be, cats acknowledge me,
For the simple fact I live everyday of the week periodically
Premeditated robberies, how could you possibly
Mistake Imperial S for a mental or methology
I`m realer than the cats that shot at me
I think I`ll probably, ride by and let `em sample the varieties,
My hollow ain`t easy to swallow,
Like them five dollar bottles,
Kill or be killed`s my motto,
I do it cause I got to,
I`ma, straight up commodity
I thug in this society
On the side ah me`s my niggas that`ll die for me
Would you ride for me?, or get rode on?
Been in this game so long
I kick slick shit in every sentence
Y`all have to grow on,
Throughout my hard times my vision was blind
Hustlin` dimes fake niggas want to beef wid me
I ain`t puttin` it in my rhymes
You ain`t worth it,
Wid out contact I catch perfect,
Had the heart in front of the crowd
But in your eyes you nervous,
Now start chirpin`,
The .38 special start squirtin`
Leave two holes in ya shirt
And put you on the side street hurtin`,
Now that`s for talkin` out ya person,

Fatal Hussein, Fatal Hussein
Aiyyo, (recognise)
Tell somebody come get me
(O.N.S., Outlaw)
If not I`ll be home in like 5
Motherfuckin` Friday
(Tick like time)
For all y`all niggas that want to fuck wit me
Before my shit come out,
It`s about to drop too bitch,
(Y`all don`t know O.N.S nasty new)
Hey Ric where the fuck the Henny at
Three hundred and sixty motherfuckin` three days in the Waker
Ahaha, yo fuck that calendar
I ain`t for that shit.....
Yo A-rock man,
(Moddy Bang)
It`s on for them niggas
(Killa Black)
Killa Black.....

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