Master P feat. Silkk The Shocker The Shocker - Scream

Holla bloody merry look into the eyes of the demon
When you see a thug like that keep screaming
I smoke green with the reapor
I'm from the ghetto got paid with the gad and the beeper

Just a young thug tryin' to make it
Visualize me in ghetto in these fools tryin' to break me
Kill me for my weed and my hindesee
Young villains when I'm gone won't remember me

Greeting women be my past time
Live the life of the hustler
Came up on ghetto rhyme
17, rouse for the busters

Keep 2 for the klucksters
I got 45's knives and gads cockes
Young homies banging for the size of my glock
In the average age is 25

Young homies don't even live to retire
Get paid
Puff what
Slang keys

Die for the triple gold

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