Black Caesar - What's Going On?

Been a hard day
It ain't nuttin' but a war poppin' off in the hood

What's really going on?
A nigga barely holding on
What really goes on when you can't hold on
It's so wrong when the love is gone

(Don't fuck around in downtown L.A.)
The kingpin keeps shippin' yea, me I stay
Mashin', I'm laughin' off da petty
Eyes heavy, puffin my resi, God help me
Can y'all tell me something this good?
Now it's Black Caesar bumpin' in the hood
Peace to Tacktown, clowns, where you at now?
Fools is ready to lay the smack down
I just lay this bomb ass rap down

True Armageddon thugs, hear the spray, heaven's love
They might try to lace us with seven slugs
Word, 'cause the truth up in my sentence
How we gon' send shit on sunny days of independence?
Witness how my game goes, don't play no's
Who think my game low 'cause we rockin' the same clothes
Relax and flame ol' bud while 2-0-6 bend
My click's in, thoughts, they summon up Egyptians
Mixed in with the thug pact
But them same thugs that gave you love back, put scherm in your bud sack
They got your ass wet, wit Teks
Took your last breath, open your chest, now put you past flesh
Why's that? Blacks train to kill they own kind
I'm goin', why? Fit this tap up on momma's phone line
Crime infested ghetto, rats and roaches
Fools act loc and go get the gas to roll wit

Hey suppose you was chose to blossom like a rose
Flossin' on Vogues, everything was solid gold
Hitti'n cruise control, everybody lose control
Peep game like Keith, man, I be the most beautiful
Special with K-ajun celebration
Black is radiance, from Wes Craven, get your chest caved in
Black Jesus, crews, Cadillac and Mac divas
Hot like Gallactica, so what's happenin'? What?
More streetwiser than Kaiser Sosa, no way, Jose
Can you fuck with my hustle forte
It's more ways than one, more than a hundred and one dalmatians
Better get with this gang affiliation
Pain, you're really facin', you ain't bein' your brother's keeper
How long does it take for love to reach ya?
Too late, you in a deep sleeper, the Grim Reaper creeper
We just lay in the cut, blazin' it up (Bitch)

[Chorus: x2]

I'm hollerin' bout peace while y'all increase the crime rate
Rats smackin' on blind dates, homey lost in a mind state
Up to Grind Lake, well this smoker's bangin' for deals
Juli school him on life, try to tell him heaven is real
But ?????? still, they mischemin' the creeper
Black Caesar blaze a sack, gave em daps, hold on that Jesus
We just in this rollercoaster, a soldier toaster
Left the little locs a-dead on the sofa, the drama's closer
If momma choke up, bet this what the game is worth
Explain the pain, it hurts, bendin' the niggas since I came to Earth
Slang some work and makin' money dat the Gz earn
Rookies digest the process slow as my trees burn
See's, Worm and Juli heat up the climate
I'm that one shinin', reflectin' off Willie's diamond
Designin' hoods, crept on without the Teflon
This plain resident left Georgia early like Stefan
Got chrome by the ozones
The homies pluggin' me wit two 50's, take it wit me and see what goes on
What goes on
(Can they feel me?)

[Chorus: x2]

Puttin' it down for the T-town
Black Caesar, barely holdin' on
It's all wrong when the love is gone

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