50 cent - Ain't No Mo'

50-cent ft. 2-1

Down to earth, get what you deserve,
ain't no mo time, to stay outta line,
G-G-G-G-unit, fuck it,
yes we fill it,
put this shit back,
Ass more i can do it,

We dealin'cocain, get so much pain,
Murder did it, now we shit on it,
puke on black pussy's,
now we eat some old dirty sussies,
can't get enough,
dealing was tough,
we i get love,
cuz we aint have no mo time to spent it out,
so shut ya mouth, let that ass talk now,
we don't wanna breath,
give me what i neath,
to breath like alie,
push out some chemicalie,
fuck that punk ass lil nigga like ya rule,
that bitch ass act like a fool


the game was out there,
now we are fucking everywhere,
look to my dress up line,
2-1 ltd. is mine,
put up the 2-6-9,
but what are wear we,
humpie dump like ms. carey,
you dont wanna hurt me,
eminem was to bizzy with obie,
when he was ready,
he had some beef with moby
now put up my album out,
bitch please, keep ya mouth,
suck my dick, gitting sick,
murder inc. was just a trick,
fuck r.kelly, and sticky fingaz,
now you act like a middle singa,
ey yo 5.9., where you at,
bizzy why are you so fat???
ain't no mo ass like that


haha, yeah,
2005 niggaz,
lil bow wow, trow it up,
getting drunk wit baby yoyo in the club,that's what's up,
lette we go 50,
afthermath, shady...

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