Eminem - Never enough
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Never Enough

There´s not much you could do or say to phase me
People think I´m a little bit crazy
I get it from all angles, even occasionally Doc Dre-zie´ll
Have to step in every once in a while to save me
To make me stop and think about it´fore I just say things
Sometimes I forget what other people just may think
A lot of rappers probably wouldn´t know how to take me
If they heard some shit, I´d lay the tape ´fore they erase me
I maybe a little too fast paced and racy
Sometimes the average listener rewinds and plays me twenty times
cuz I say so many rhymes, it may seem like I´m goin too fast cuz my mind is racing
And I could give a fuck what category you place me
Long as when I´m pushing up daisies and gone
As long as you place me amongst one of them greats
When I hit the heavenly gates I´ll be cool beside Jay-Z
For every single die hard fan who embraced me
I´m thankful for the talent in which God gave me
And I´m thankful for the environment that he placed me
Believe it or not, I thank my mom for how she raised me
In the neighborhood daily, they jumped and chased me
It only made me what I am today, see
Regardless of what anybody believes who hates me
You ain´t gonna make or break me
Tryna strip me of my credibility and make me look fake, G
You´re only gonna be in for a rude awakening
Cuz sooner or later you haters are all gonna face me
And when you face me with all the shit you´ve been saving to say to me
You had all this time to think about it
Now don´t pussy out and try to wimp out, face me
Cuz I´ve been patiently waiting for the day
That we finally meet in the same place to see

[Chorus x2 - Nate Dogg]
No matter how many battles I been in and won
No matter how many magazines on my nuts
No matter how many MC's I eat up
Ooh ooh, it´s never enough

[50 Cent]
My flow´s untouchable now you gotta face it
Uh oh, it gets worse when I go back to the basics
You go say the wrong shit and get your face split
The smell of victory, love it so much I can taste it
The spot my talk, it blaze a direct hit
Graze it, your peace talk, save it
You shit sounds dated, you´re overrated
I´m obligated to study your moves then crush you mutherfuckers
If I´m the best and the worst, then God´s gift is a curse
Soldier trained to destroy, you payin´ attention boy?
I spit shit, slick shit, so quick you miss it
To be specific I go ballistic as hieroglyphic
My music is a drug, press play, you ain´t gotta sniff it
Chew it or pop it, roll a bag of the chocolate
Get your high over and over, but you gotta cop it
When it´s hot, it´s hot
Your hatin´ is undeniable, stop it

[Chorus x2]

By Faith Revised by Andries-Willem

Writers: CURTIS JAMES JACKSON , ANDRE YOUNG , Marshall B Mathers , NATHANIEL HALE , Michael A Elizondo

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