Mr. Serv-On - Throw Ya City Up

New Mexico, Philly, Forth Worth, Long Beach

[Chorus x2]

Niggas throw your city up
If it's real then bang em up
Hoes throw that ass up
If it's real then toss it up

I fuck with niggas that's real jump up in your ship
Hit you for your dope and your bitch
Fuck you in the back of the cadillac
Drome if you bout some drama bitch then bring it on
From Rock Island, Illinois to Birmingham, Alabama to Youngsport, Virginia
I fuck with niggas that's real to jump up in ya
Hang ya bang ya gang land kill your life, the Kansas City slanger
On elevator rides like OutKast
More lethal then a neck stab
Your bitch and your dope and your area bitch I gotta hail
A hundred pounds in my celing and your whole
Areas kneeling, bowing down to the real drug lord
Push your green nation wide like pharacon
Pushing dream e'ryone on my team then new york got fiends, I mean
I fuck with no bitch made niggas
Just ask Boz if you real enough to pull the trigger
Too late, face down you shouldn't have fucked around
Too late, face down you shouldn't have fucked around
bitch it's my town

[Chorus x2]

In 96 I banged you up
It's 97 I'm back to start some real shit
The scene's real enough to fuck with my click
I hear em screaming from Jackson, Mississippi to Lebanon City
Banging in Dallas, San Antonio, Orange Mount, Tennessee
I know you killers feel me, Detroit, Louisville and Chi town
Don't make me call South Park
Houston and make you bitches lay it down
It's the nation wide suicide
ain't no stopping us from Baton Rouge to Schrieveport
Put your colors down and throw your city up
I'm checking nuts in Dayton, down in Saint Claire and Cleveland
If you come up talkin shit you bleeding
Put that pistol to your face, west side
San Diego, Frisco, LA, Sacramento, Richmond California
Velieo, everybody's laying a job
Niggas are banging it up so nigga throw your fucking city up

[Chorus x3]

I got more killers in Eastpoint Atlanta
Dope slingers in DC
New Jersey, Denver
don't make see-Murder put them hollow tips in ya
New Orleans, Lafayette, Ingelwood
blast your pistols for your hood
I got bitches killing niggas and bouncing that ass worldwide
From the calliop to the 23rd and Jackson
and Richmond, California
Niggas are slanging rocks and banging blocks
On eighth and drive, go to Austin Texas
Pheonix Arizona don't make my ass exaul up on ya
Hitting switches, fucking bitches in Milwaukee
Put your colors down and bang your city up, it's a bang up
Hitting switches and fuckin bitches in Charlotte, North Carolina
Put your colors down and bang your city up, it's a bang up

[Chorus x2]

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