Ice Cube - The World Is Mine
Overige artiesten: Mack 10 K?Dee

[Repeat: x 4]
The world is mine (*whispered* the world is mine)

The world, belongs to me
Niggaz don't know my pedigree, W-S to the see
We be them hogs, that make it rain cats and dogs
We got the "Bud" just like them frogs

Now everybody on the West, show some love
And everybody on the East, respect the Corniche, it's not on lease
Breakin laws, swimmin through the water like Jaws
Gumby's pause, and take they drawers, no balls

God damnit, niggaz take my planet for granted I can't stand it
Catch a flight across the Atlantic
Step off the plane, nuttin but expense of the game
Bitch I'm rich you know my name, show me the cane

Now are you sure? One hundred percent pure
'Cause if it's not, believe me the shit gettin hot
I got a plot to make your whole family deaf dumb and blind
(tell em one more time) the world is mine

[Chorus: x 2]
The world is mine nigga, back up
I got's to get mine before I act up

It's a quarter to eight, I'm not finished my plate
I got a phone call to make, my niggaz tell me it's fake
Oh what a mistake, here's what I want you to break
Tie his feet with some weight, throw his ass in a lake

And then set up a date, between me and his mate
Tell her lobster and steak, and bitch don't be late
Oh the pussy was great, I'm still sealin your fate
'Cause you can't imitate, the nigga you love to hate


Can I grin, show my fin, I'm down with mack 10
Dub-see, K-Dee, and Kausion
It don't stop, niggaz get to bowin a lot
When we enter the spot, look all the niggaz we got

Worldwide, nigga take a look outside
Got a brother named Clyde, he's like Jekyll and Hyde
Ice Cube is the lick, Westside is the click
(Can't get enough of this gangsta shit)

You want to check our cajones we got the feds up on us
We gotta roll on Daytonas because we know that they want us
And if they catch us in rap, it's a reasonable doubt
My niggaz pointin me out, my momma scream and she shout

But we got enough green, from our triple beam
To hire the prosecution, and the dream team
This world ain't nuttin but a dollar sign (ching ching)
I'm a partner in crime, the world is mine


[Mack 10]
Yeah, you punk ass niggaz know the side, so check it
When you meet us, you better bring your heaters
Cause the only way you could beat us, is if you cheat us nigga

[Mack 10]
We tight, ha hah
Where you from nigga?
Where you from nigga?

(tell them one mo' time)

[Repeat: x 4]
The world is mine

Ha ha ha, Westside

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