Scarface - Daddy's gone
Overige artiesten: Big mike Mr. scarface

featuring Scarface

Push, push, push, push...

Here it comes...

It's - it's a girl

{Big Mike:}

1971 a young girl gave birth

Only a child, bringin another child on this earth

Only 15 years of age

But comin from the ghetto, it won't make the front page

See, that's the way shit go

And to the government she ain't nothin but another hoe

Thinkin all she want is food stamps

Give her a check and let her hang with the school tramps

And mama's gettin mad

Cause now she gotta watch her little girl grow up fast

Straight ghetto life, straight ghetto drama

Wanted a baby doll, now she's somebody's mama

And life is so confusin to her

Askin herself why is this happenin to her

So now she gotta choose

Between a box of Pampers and a pair of new tennis shoes

Never had to make that choice before

Never heard a baby's voice before

And the daddy ain't nowhere to be found

Too busy bein a hoe around town

He just fall into another statistic

Claimin black men don't do shit

But that's the way it is

And little do they know daddy also sheds tears

Cause he don't know what to do

Be a father to his child, or run with a crew

You might say: easy choice, be a father

But why should he do it when his father didn't bother?

Just another sample, I guess

Of black men settin bad examples

Thinkin deep about the whole thing

Takes his last bit of money and goes to buy a gold ring

And askes her to marry her

Promise to get a job, so he can carry her

Thinkin that's the way to do it

But little do they know that there's much more to it

'cause marriage is demandin

It takes lots of patience and understandin

But they go and tie the knot anyway

And they'll be gettin their own crib anyday

The first couple of months were alright

A new crib, adaptin to a new life

But then came the arguments

And the constant fightin got em thrown out their apartment

So now they gotta move in with her moms

And that just adds to the muthafuckin problems

Cause now he's feelin like he failed

And while they asleep he grabs his shit and bails

Smooth out the do', black

And never takes another look back

Now grandma's house is an unhappy home

Now that daddy's gone


Daddy broke before I stepped in this muthafucka

And left the job to be done by my mother's mother

Raised up by grandmother ???

Cause my mark-ass daddy never came around for guidance

So now I'm forced to stand up on my own two

Cause mommy dear had to work three jobs, duke

He didn't even want my friendship

I guess the mark-ass nigga wasn't down to begin with

Too lit to come around with his drunk ass

And beatin up my mom with his punk ass

And shit got dread

I guess I shouldn't talk so bad about my dad

So here it is, brothers

If you gon' have babies, you need to father them muthafuckas

Cause if you don't in due time

Your kids'll speak about daddy exactly like I do mine

So do yourself a favor

Take your kids to the park, buy em shit, and they'll pay you later

But payin's not the issue

If you'd die right now your little kids wouldn't even miss you

So put away your caddy

Call your bitch up and tell her to make room for daddy

Cause if you don't you'll be alone

And the only thing they'll say about daddy, is daddy is gone

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