Tim moore - Yes

Ooh, yes, yes
Nothing never felt to me
Like you do right now
Ooh, yes, yes,
That´s the only word
I want to hear from your mouth
Oh, let´s not waste our time
Hiding what we feel inside
If you come, you start just whisper yes
Darling, yes, darling, yes

Yes, yes, don´t you feel breathless
When I´m holding you near
Oh, yes, yes
We could light a fire
And keep it burning for years
Yes, that misty look inside your eyes
That I won´t doom another lies
Feel your skin on mine
It´s crying yes darling, yes darling, yes

Oh, many questions gonna drive me insane
Time goes by and I´m losing ground
Do you want to see a love one in chains
I´m sinking baby, I´m gonna drown, I'm going down
Oh, yes, yes
Can´t you feel the passion
When I look in your eyes?
Ah, yes, yes
This is how I want it
For the rest of my life
Oh, giving fire to your flame
Every time you speak my name
´Cause your eyes are saying to me
Yes darling, yes darling, yes


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