Jillian Farrar Gregory Crocetti Andrew Hazel Genevieve Fry - Lady

Lady, lady, lady
Who waits upon your hip?
Lady, lady, lady
What ancient wall is this?
That echoes salt and crystal
I must mend the holy
So wash my waist with spoken oil
And faith

Lady, lady, lady
Who waits upon your feet?
Lady, lady, lady
What peril heard of this?
That equals hiss and softer thighs
And damned county
That wends into your darling eye
And pressed

Oh lady, lady, lady
I couldn’t confess
Fine lady, lady, ladies
Could not comparest
We plucked the roots
And found it there
Beneath the tresses
Now come again
And say we meant it

Oh lady, lady, lady
What darkened hour is this?
Lady, lady, lady
I’ve wandererdest
It brings me to my troubled site
In forest thickest
We wrote it in the little lines

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