Ufo - It's Killing Me

Living life in a bottle,
Strung out on a line.
Caught in life's rough and tumble.
Blind leading the blind.
I wish there was an answer,
But she's got such an easy way.
And you know you can't leave her.
You know you can't stay.

Oh it's killing me.
Oh love's a mystery.

Hiding from the small talk,
Hiding all the pain.
With our backs against the wall,
Is all this love in vain?
*To chorus*

When i'm with you, you know I try so hard.
Not to love you, gotta keep up my guard.
Every single day that goes by,
Are we fooling ourselves living a lie?

Please tell me now it's no secret.
This serender with defeat.
Do you let love pass you by,
Whilst your waiting for the beat?
*To chorus*

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