Porter Wagoner - Black Jack's Bar

(Jimmie Driftwood)

When I was a young man I played my guitar
I played for the people in Black Jack's Bar
They danced to the music and called me a star
And I took in the money in Black Jack's Bar.

I kept things a movin' with a crazy beat
I kept up a rhythm with my two big feet
I played pretty women like I played my guitar
And I got into trouble in Black Jack's Bar
Got into trouble in Black Jack's Bar.

One night I played till my fingers were sore
They called for a break and I stepped through the door
I stood there a lookin' at the heaven so grand
When up stepped a woman with a bottle in her hand.

She took one swallow and I saw her frown
I turned up the bottle and I guzzled it down
I battled my eyes and I looked at her charms
The next thing I knew she was in my arms
I got in trouble in Black Jack's Bar.

--- Instrumental ---

I hugged her and kissed her and called her mine
Drunk on her kisses and drunk on her wine
Somebody yelled come and play your guitar
We both stuggered back into Black Jack's Bar.

Somebody said you better run for your life
You've been a playin' with the wrong man's wife
He swang his knife and swung my guitar
And I killed me a gambler in Black Jack's Bar
I got in trouble in Black Jack's Bar.

When I get out of this place called the pen
I ain't never comin' back here again
I'm gonna do right and I'm gonna go straight
I'm gonna be careful whose wife I date.

I ain't a huggin' no woman but mine
Drinkin' no liquor and not much wine
Sittin' in my cell with my old guitar
Wonder who's a playin' in Black Jack's Bar.

(I got in trouble in Black Jack's Bar.)
Wonder who's a playin' in Black Jack's Bar...

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