Petey pablo - Y'all ain't ready (come on)

I can make um (I can make um)
I can make um (I can make um)
I can make um bounce if I want to
I can make um (I can make um)
I can make um (I can make um)
I can make um bounce if I want to

Who and the hell this here big eared
Mutherfucker thinkin he is comin 'round here
Spittin' like he the real deal
Just cause he wit Missy and Tim
In the new Benz on em twenty inch rimz
Grinnin' from ear to ear
Got all them lil' bitches 'round him
Kresha and Kesha and them
I hope he get gonorrhea (bitch ass nigga!)
Dat what they sayin'
(I know it!)
Why they hate me so bad (boy!)
This my reward
You betta get yours
Quit worrying 'bout what Petey be doin'
You keep securing
My vocals ___rowdy and derm
(You ain't heard)
I think you been sippin' to much of the syzurp
Betta calm your nerves
Before yo ass get served
Somethin terrible, thoroughly (HA HA!)

You Ain't Ready for me (COME ON!)
Repeat 7x

I'm the Love Boat
More potent than crack smoke
Some folk say I'm all they been waitin' for
TIRED! Of hearin' the same shit on the radio
TIRED! Of seein' the same bitches in the video
TIRED! Of Benzes, Bentleys and Diamonds in yo chain yo
TIRED! Of hearin 'bout all this cash, when most of you broke
Can even give a decent show
Energy level on a Richter scale triple 0.0
(HOLLA!!) For Petey Pablo
Let me see you b-breakin' it down on the dance floor
I got wha-wha-what they want
From a nigga that ti-ti-ti (WOO!)
We at it again, you know what it is
4000 and 7 to spend
My prediction 1st week
Half a mutherfuckin million
(Break it down for me!)
(Break it down my man!)
Picture first week half a mutherfuckin million


Peter Piper picked peppers
And I shook corn
Humpty Dumpty fell down
And I kept goin'
And Jack Be Nimble was nimble
But wasn't more nimble than this
Can you imagine Jam Master on some shit like this?
Kind of like your grand daddy
The baddest, the fastest, nastiest actin ass
To eva walk on this side of rappin'
The skipper, the professor and the captain
The lighter and the match
I'm the one that's goin' to carry Jive
Past N'SYNC status



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