Petey pablo - Funroom

Hey, Man I cant be out here too late, How long we gonna be out here?
Till When? Where the hell is this you taken me too?
Man ya'll crazy, the Funroom? No, the what? Man oh lord. Come on
Ha ha oh lord

Its, its its ah the Petey Pab
First number one done run the ball
Ninety some of yall in the first quater
Whats messin these country boyz, nuttin at all
Me and my partner dawg, Timbaland ought to be
the wizard of oz, greatest beat nigga since the greek gods
Best thing to hapen since they made carz
Brightest thing shinen since the north star
Best communication since sailor I tell ya boy,
We terrible every time we get together its a ?
Man we aint lookin for him we just bump into em
load to couchie up then we out the door, hotel, man what
studio, in the mic room baby on the floor, you nasty

Anything thing is liable to go down when we in the fun fun room
Anything thing is liable to go down when we in the fun fun room, fun room

Im talking bout the door locked in the bathroom
Im talkin bout on the back of some pro tool
Im talkin bout across the board punchin arms
(Girl) Is that mic On
Girl hell naw
Talkin bout bend on over bust it open
Im talkin bout gim me some of that jello mold
Im talkin bout quit actin like you aint done it before
Ya billy goat touch ya toes bite on my shoe strings
if I start hurtin ya box quit squirmin
Im'a sweat it up send ya home with an ice pack on it,
you remember what happend last time dont ya
(Girl) Petey you in my stomach
Had your bad ass on a motion 500 Im sorry I hurt ya hunny,
But that just me, Im funny

(Repeat Chorus)
Anything you want is goin down in the funroom, the funroom
Anything you want is going down in the funroom, the funroom

We got the chain in the funroom, all night
Do anything in the funroom, all right
C-can you hang in the funroom, all night
Oh, who'd you bang in the funroom, all night

Where them chicks show you love and they aint scared to touch
and they might rub that butt and they makin you cum
and they might give you some if you askin for some
I dont see nothin wrong with a little bit of fun

(Chorus) x 3

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