Pat green - All the good things fade away

Born lucky I guess
Didn't hurt that I was in the right place, the right time too
And the girl she was dandelion beautiful
Damn, she was beautiful
When the wind blows her like a bird
And the petals on the flower fly away
Sometimes it don't matter what you say

All the good things fade away
All the good things fade away

I found me a game out towards Shreveport
Couple of days just hiding from the sun
Good with the cards and good with the dice
You could say I had a lucky little run
Won it all and maybe just a little bit more today
All the luck you have is just the bills you left unpaid


Sure seems shitty to me there has to be such a thing as the good old days
Someday, somewhere, my hair like my memories will all just fade out to gray
Got it all right now and I just as soon keep it that way


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