Pat green - California

Hello, California
Sure is strange to be here today
What's a boy from down in Austin
Doing in a city of angels anyway

So won't you come on out here with me
Find out what you can and cannot see
Maybe gain a new perspective
Why we're so infected by our dreams

Yeah baby, I'll be out here dreaming
Thinking about the life we could have
You're back home in Texas
I'm stranded in Los Angeles
Wondering when is the next time I get to hold you
I just want to hold you

It's the sweetest kind of poison
Tickle you and take away your faith
Whiskey for a lifetime
Wreck your soul with the smallest little taste


I am just a guitar man who fell in love with you
Times are good or bad, I take them all the same
You could have some 9 to 5 man coming home to take your hand
You know he's never gonna do

Is this the life I've dreamed of
Or is this just the way it all went down
But damn right I sure am happy
A crazy piece of life I have found


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