Pat green - You gotta know

I got a sister out in Charlotte
I love her cause she's crazy in her head
I got a brother he's a pilot
Sometimes I pray I'll just see him again
My daddy told me once he said son
Only a fool stays out at night
Well it's 4 a.m. and I'm out here on the avenue
I got no money but you know I'm doin' alright

Yeah, you gotta know
There ain't nothin' bout money
That's ever gonna save your soul.
And the dreams of the young
Ain't never been nothing
But the last request of the old.
Heaven is a fiddle on a weeknight radio.
You can't find redemption,
Brother if ya got no soul.
You Gotta Know.

Her name was Amy, she was a friend of mine
Wanted to be a rich man's wife
She fell in love with cars and expensive wine
She must have forgot what it means to live your life


Weathered hands on a steel guitar
He plays every evening till they turn them bar lights down
You know he's tired of them dammed old cigarettes
Now he's saving up his money so he can move on out of town


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