Mystikal - Unpredictable

If it ain't live it ain't me
Oh nigga I'm to deaf to move a step
To sly to slip or slide
Talk faster than you can ??
Cutting busting busting
Inside outside innocent I'm an abomination
We don't want know conflictations
Ready to hit you with combinations
Picking and rubbing your face in combilations occupations
Acting hibernation's have you suffering complications
Too big to be losing money, too old to be time wasting
Many people don't even listen to rap still buy my tapes
Only people in the pound getting down holding the drum
With DJ Darryl in Hollywood here we come
If what you are reflects your actions bitch I'm a man
Ahh shut-up I ain't gone here cause I'm a say bitch you had your chance
You know what you did was despicable
I'm sick of ya they call me Mystikal cause I'm unpredictable

I say what they thought that I wasn't gone say
I did what they thought that I wasn't gone do
I knew what they didn't not want me to know
I'm unpredictable
Can't ?? that I wanted to know
Show ??
No one can stop the incredible flow of unpredictable

?? You never can know what could happen
From nappy headed as Michael to cold blooded as ever
Sometimes little kids be listening to me, I'm trying to stop the cursing
Teaching them bad words and they people be getting nervous
Calm down, I'm not that type of rapper you'll see
Besides I know some of ya turn out they cursing better than me
I'm ice cold baby I'm 0 degrees
I'm like a lumberjack cutting mc's like trees
Chopping 'em down, knocking 'em down, locking 'em down
4 years and 6 months I'm still on top of the mountain
Just more popular now ?? with that No Limit sound
Already know what you gone say before it come out your mouth
We got ya spin more tighter than the formidable son
Old styles stealing copycats tried to bite and bit his tongue
Can't fight that feeling, irresistible
Never know what I'm gone do next cause I'm unpredictable


If you think that niggaz that roll under the tank are tight than
you heard wrong Prime Suspects (who) Mia X (who) Mr Serv-On
Oh so you wanna ride in my Mercedes I ain't got no room in the back
The whole Gambino Family in there with Kane & Abel and Mac
C-Murder, Silkk the Shocker you don't want none
Oh hell O'Dell, KL up the funk son
I'm confidant ?? don't see ?? got Big Ed
I'm bad like Fiend but I be like Tre8
So don't provoke me, if you don't want to get strung on
Big Man and Champ, Big Dog, Big Worm might do you some harm
All the ready to put a bullet in your belly belly
??Boswell, Gilla Gelly
We ain't faking any hits, getting paid
They can't fade the track that the tank just made
Mystikal, unpredictable
Anything else is unacceptable




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