Matthew ryan - Some streets lead nowhere

I can't tell you where I've been now darling
There are hawks inside my head
And every smile and every good thing are picked at 'til they are dead

"I love you," was all she said
That's all she said

From that old street to that new house
To those beautiful hills inside your blouse
To the rain that kept falling and those years off the rails
When we smiled like 2 sailors with holes in our sails

When I turned to a coma with a black hole in my chest
When a kiss was the cure and I'd save my breath
When you'd walk to the bedroom and I'd fall on the couch
If I wasted your beauty I'll ignite it somehow

'Cause a dream can be cruel when it haunts you like this
With your eyes like a deer
And the words from your lips
What I'm trying to say is I was afraid that you'd leave
So I slept with my failures and I started to grieve
I started to grieve
I started to grieve

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