Songteksten van Paul Westerberg

$100 Groom
2 Days 'Til Tomorrow
2 Days 'Til Tomorrow
A Few Minutes Of Silence
A Star Is Bored
Actor in the Street
Ain't Got Me
Angels Walk
Anything But That
Anything But That
Anyway's All Right
As Far as I Know
Baby Learns to Crawl
Best Thing That Never Happened
Between Love and Like
Black Eyed Susan
Boring Enormous
Born for Me
Call That Gone?
Daydream Believer
Dice Behind Your Shades
Dirt to Mud
Dirty Diesel
Don't Want Never
Down Love
Dyslexic Heart
Even Here We Are
Eyes Like Sparks
Final Hurrah
First Glimmer
Folk Star
Fugitive Kind
Good Day
Good Day
Got You Down
High Time
Hillbilly Junk
How Can You Like Him?
I Belong
It's a Wonderful Lie
Kickin' the Stall
Knock It Right Out
Knock It Right Out
Knockin On Mine
Knockin' Em Back
Let the Bad Times Roll
Let's Do It
Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)
Let's Not Belong Together
Let's Not Belong Together
Lookin' Out Forever
Lookin' Up in Heaven
Looking Up in Heaven
Love Untold
Love You in the Fall
Making Me Go
Man Without Ties
Mannequin Shop
Meet Me Down the Alley
Mr. Rabbit
My Dad
My Daydream
Never Felt Like This Before
No Place for You
Nothing to No One
Now I Wonder
Nowhere Man
Once Around the Weekend
Only Lie Worth Telling
Run Away Wind
Seein' Her
Silent Film Star
Silver Naked Ladies
Someone I Once Knew
Something Is Me
Stain Yer Blood
Strike Down the Band
Sunrise Always Listens
Tears Rolling up Our Sleeves
These Are the Days
These Days
Time Flies Tomorrow
Trumpet Clip
Waiting for Somebody
We May Be the Ones
What About Mine?
What a Day (For a Night)
Whatever Makes You Happy
Wild & Lethal
Wild & Lethal
World Class Fad
You've Had It With You