Islands - Natural law party

moving like an elephant
you make it seem so relevant
ah, won't you remember me?
i am not your enemy
i am unaware
oh, we're running out of air
if you can make it there
you can make it anywhere
set my body free
you make it look so natural
it must have been collateral
or something so compatible
the things I couldn't see
aw, there's something right in front of me
it's something that I couldn't see
i must've been so unaware
set my body free
set my body free
i sat down so heavily
then something lifted up from me
now i can move so steadily
i feel it move ahead of me
like i am just a melody
i am just a melody
you set my body free
watch it move ahead of me
a takeaway:
this is like a holiday

Writers: Nick Thorburn

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