Songteksten van The New Pornographers

A Bite Out of My Bed
Adventures in solitude
All For Swinging You Around
All the Old Show Stoppers
All the old showstoppers
Another Drug Deal of the Heart
Avalanche Alley
Ballad of a Comeback Kid
Born with a Sound
Breakin' the Law
Brill Bruisers
Centre for Holy Wars
Champions of Red Wine
Chump Change
Clock Wise
Colossus Of Rhodes
Crash Years
Dancehall Domine
Darling Shade
Daughters of Sorrow
Dreamlike And On The Rush
Entering White Cecilia
Falling Down the Stairs of Your Smile
Falling Through Your Clothes
Fantasy Fools
From Blown Speakers
Go places
High Art, Local News
High Ticket Attractions
Higher Beams
If You Can't See My Mirrors
It's Only Divine Right
July Jones
Leather On The Seat
Letter From An Occupant
Loose Translation
Marching Orders
Mass Romantic
Miss Teen Wordpower
Mutiny, I promise you
My Shepherd
My rights versus yours
Myriad Harbour
Mystery Hours
Need Some Giants
One Kind Of Solomon
Opening Ceremony
Play Money
Second Sleep
Silver Jenny Dollar
Sing Me Spanish Techno
Streets of Fire
Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk
Testament to Youth in Verse
The Bleeding Heart Show
The Body Says No
The Bones of an Idol
The Electric Version
The End of Medicine
The Fake Headlines
The Jessica Numbers
The Laws Have Changed
The Slow Descent into Alcoholism
The Spirit of Giving
The Surprise Knock
These Are the Fables
This Is the World of the Theater
This Is the World of the Theatre
Three or Four
Twin Cinema
Up in the Dark
Use It
Valkyrie in the Roller Disco
War on the East Coast
We End Up Together
We've Been Here Before
Whiteout Conditions
Wide Eyes
You Tell Me Where
You Won't Need Those Where You're Going
You'll Need A New Backseat Driver
Your Hands (Together)