Joyner lucas - Father's day (skit)

So today is Father's Day
And I asked you guys to create a beautiful card for your fathers today
I'm sure your dad would love this
I'm just going to quietly walk around the room
and look at the wonderful card you made

This is beautiful
This is nice


Sandra, I love this one
Is that the picture of you and your dad?
Yeah, that's me and my dad

That's beautiful
Nice, nice

Thank you

Oh well, Joyner, what is this?
This part says "Happy Father's Day, stepdad"
Why didn't you create one for your real dad?

I don't have a real dad

Oh, well isn't that unfortunate? That explains a lot
So anyone with a "real dad"
Take you cards and place them in your backpack
Joyner, I'm gonna hold on to yours, and maybe one day
You'll have a change of heart
Remember, you only get one dad
Keep that in mind

Yeah, yeah

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