Kansas - Circus of illusion

Before your very eyes
Here’s a trick to fool your mind
Chase the shadows of deception
With nothing up my sleeve
I compel you to believe
In the sound of my conviction

Sensations you’ll embrace
You’ll see and be amazed
The things that defy all rhyme and reason
With your heart pounding hard and fast
You take the chance and step
In to the Circus of Illusion
Crack the whip to tame
Jump the lions thru hoops of flame
Then confine them in their cages
Acrobatics show their strength
With their grip
They hold and sway

Fly thru the air to one another

Lose yourself in wonder
It’s a spell you’re under
What you think you see
Just might not be real
And the tears you see
On the clown that’s smiling
Tears of joy but deep inside
You know he’s really dying
Before your very eyes
What once was, no longer lies
Inside of this Circus of Illusion


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