Nicki minaj - Slumber party

Banana boat full of blow,
Banana clip to cut ya throat,
Banana dro come take a smoke,
Banana diamonds yellow stone,
Heavy snow that berry blow,
That cherry coke got stupid dough,
Plenty mo you think I booked a
Hundred shows, I'm selling dope.
I'm into wishin rolling kushin
Sippin lean and burnin piff, you
Gotta fifth I gotta pint you
Took a shot I took a sip. I plead
The 5th ain't saying shit go get
My lawyer get him quick spent 80
Grand to beat a case I whipped it
Like my purple whip. I call a
Hit like sosa did them killas
Blitz ya house ya monkey, I got
So much jewelry on me still you
Can't take nothing from me. hook
It up I cook it up and get some
Head while rolling blunts. water
Paint, water stain I'm lookin
Down she lookin up. beamer truck
I rim it up spent 80 thou (400
Stones), she suck a dick while
Rollin blunt she keep the boss
Man bustin nuts. I get it off she
Get it up me and her both can't
Get enough me in the go I'm in
The go so tryna beat that pussy up.

Welcome to my private party more hoes than a
Bachelor party
Smokin, drankin, freakin, shit can turn into a
Slumber party
You can't meet my mama ah uh but here go my
Number shawty
When you feelin freaky mama we can have a
Slumber party
(a slumber party mama have a slumber party)
(you can't meet my mama ah uh but here go my
Number shawty)
(when you feelin freaky mama we can have a
Slumber party)
(we can have a slumber party x2)

Her negligees are burberry
Her lingerie game very straight
Her oral sex is very wet, my sex so great she
Gainin weight
I cook a cake she cook a steak, we three estates
You section 8
Stay out her face she hardly date she f**kin
Gucci shawty damn
Everdays a ballin day just yesterday we bought a
Lake tomorrow
Bought us 2 camaros 08 and a 68. we
Trappin fast with
Stupid cash so rap on with yo stupid ass it's
Gucci mane ol' stupid ass I keep on making
Stupid cash


Got that super soaker pussy pop like cola coka plus it's tighter than a choka
Got em smilin like the joka got that na-na-na-na-na-na-na lil mermaid on my linen when yo momma sleepin you can call me and get all up in it
Bank roll gimmie all them pretty furs cause my pussy game cold when he hit it
He say bur he say bu- bu- bu bu- bur imma imma marry her and he polite wit dat purr like he strummin his guitar that's me I'm minaj I'm ni ni nicki minaj and if you want a
Minaj keep a couple pretty broads look head game busy busy make a nigga dizzy dizzy
Bitch I'm at that slumber party sippin on that fizzy chrissy


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