Mac dre - Welcome 2 da bay

I'm still out here my nigga
You can't tell
Still at the kitchen table
Cuttin down coke for sell
Still gritin'
Still conducting business through a beeper
With the block
Under my sneekers (Welcome to the Bay)
I'm still in it still rapping
And still winning
Still at the dank spot
300 I'm still spending
Still don't rock
The mock and linnings
Still up in the block
Hop out and be like (Welcome to the Bay)
Yeah! young nigga still in the beef
We ride the high shit and sell millions
But we still in the streets
Ah! The Game still reppin' the west
I'm still sending a bitch andshooting shit 'cause
(Welcome to the Bay)
That monkey still on my back
Man I still gotta have it
Shitin' pp on you faggots nigga
We still under the sun
Man its Dre, Yuk, Numb, And takeover my nigga
(Welcome to the Bay)
Yeah put us back on the map bitch
We put crack on the map
Dope phiens get slapped wit a bat
Bitch niggas get capped wita gat
Let em' know where they at
(Welcome to the Bay)
Back to back benzs and lacs
Real macks pimp bitches on tracks
Real thugs get riches of crack
Anyone snitches get wacked
Let em' know where they at
(Welcome to the Bay)
The home of the crackola
Since operation stackola
I'm been slappin soward wit the strapola
Home of the mob and get maskola
Gotta buy your slabs of cola from me (Welcome to the Bay)
The flower boys the mitchel boys nigga
The Richmond boys the Frisco boyz nigga
Sniped them boys ship em' boy
Come get employed
(Welcome to the Bay)
We ride old skool tools and voughs
We ride 2002s on holes
And the shoes is old
22s them folds
All on a bitch we use and lose them hoes
(Welcome to the Bay)
Dippin' yoakin' the strips of oakland
Sippin' smokin' 5th of stoin'
Wrist is glowing
Mouth is platnum
Even where my shit was goldin
Yukmouth been this shit before
(Welcome to the Bay)
Oakland stand up
Weigh them grams up
Give them keys to atlanta
And hook fam up
In the land truck
I'm the boss like tony danza
With the poliece scanna
(Welcome tothe Bay)
(Mac Dre)
Running From the blacks and whites
Hubcaps and whites
Slanging sacks at night
Down to blast from sight
The Bay Area Northern collifes
Ball cap A's duece (Welcome to the Bay)
From the V to the CCC
Punk niggas play bitches like MP3
Land of the native
Shrimp and champain
Phat blunts fresh out the plaine
(Welcome to the Bay)
Home of the BGF and Comie
Messy Marv, Mac Dre, and the Lounies
In Vellijo there's cutlis for sale
Young nigga slangin' rocks out the lunch pale
(Welcome to the Bay)
The roumauir
Got me driffting
Yoakin' and dippin'
In a car from the Sixties
When I steer I'm gona yoak that
Come out here you might not go back
(Welcome to the Bay)

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