Songteksten van Andre Nickatina

1 of the Same
5th Gear
A Diamond
A Peez Paradise
All Star Chuck Taylors
Alligator Blood
Andre N Andre
Ate Miles from the City of Dope
Awake Like an Owl
Ayo For Yayo
Bakin Soda In Minnesota
Balla Race
Birds With No Wings
Blood N My Hair
Bobby Shaw Is My Tiga
Bonus Track
Boss Soss Talk
Box of Lucky Charms
Break Bread
Cadillac Girl
Cadillac Girl
Candy Rain
Caught in a Verse
Close N Personal
Cobra Status
Conversation With a Devil
Cops and Robbers
Crack Raider Razor
Crackin Like Pastachio's
Da Whip
Daiquiri Factory
Dedicate Yo Life 2 This P
Dice of Life (The Bottle)
Even Pimps Get Broken Hearts
Fa Show
Falcon and the Snowman
Fears Of A Coke Lord
Fist Full of Dollars 'Green Eyes'
Fly Like A Bird
Ghost of Fillmoe
Gingerbread Man
Git Down
He Said, She Said
Hell's Kitchen
Hell's Kitchen
Hit It From The Back (Lips 2)
Holla 4 Madonna
I'm A Pisces
I'm Gone
I'm a Junkie
Ike Turner
July the 4th
Killa Whale
Killin Of The Caine
King Nicky's Crown
Last Breath of an Mc
Little Coco
Lost Hawks
Morire da Solo (Die Alone)
My Homeboys Chevy
My Rap World
My Wishes
Nasty Like College Chicks
Nickatina Creation
Nickatina Says
Nino Did the Cartah
Off That Chewy
Oh God
P-Nut Butter Breakdown
Piece Of My Mind
Pieces of a Broken Man
Pitbull Terrier
Powda 4 The Hoes
Public Enemy No. 7
Purrfect Storm
Rap Candy Bars
Rise and Fall of a Rap Cat
Rumppa Bum Bum
Saw A Gangsta Cry
Scottie 15
Show Gone Wrong
Situation Critical
Smoke Dope And Rap
Smoke Dope And Rap (Live)
Smokedope and Rap Live
Soul of a Coke Dealer
Summer in Florida
Sun Duck Kim
Tears of a Clown
Tell Dat Ta Dummies
The Ave
The God and the Stripper
The Last Rap I'll Ever Write
The Most Hated Man In Frisco
The Perfect Murda
The Rap Gods
The Stress Factor
These Clowns
Tina Terry
Tony Montana
Train With No Love
Upgrade Call