Shabazz palaces - A treatease dedicated to the avian airess from north east nubis

Right on.
Yea. I used to see her on club nights
Dressed fresh, hair tight, and told myself
"Now that's right."
And she moved like a lady
I'm still hopin' that maybe I could be her baby
Right on.
She like to wind to that rockers
I'm inclined just to watch her drinkin' cranberry and vodkas
(that's her drink, man)
My lil' man introduced us, too, bro,
Now that is something that I could get used to.
When I ain't see her I would think about her,
Fucker went a week without it
Dream about her, sing about her
Next time I'ma let her know
Drop my guard, play my card, let it show, me and you
Then came that sparkly hour
Here she comes, rolled through the crowd,
Her hair smells like April showers
Touched her hand, it felt like flowers
There's something in the stars that I think girl it's just is ours
There's something to it let's do it and find out all about it
She flashed a sparkly smile. okay, okay she doesn't doubt it
We talked a little while and now yeah I can't live without it
She said, "what?"
Girl your finest insight's golden
In your charms I'm getting folded
Feelings I just want to go with
She said, "where I'm from when we dance we shake our shoulders"
I said, "girl I know this, but at it you're the coldest"
I am hopeless that you notice
'Cause it's written on my face:
Bein' your only baby is a place,
And I want to be there.
I should be in there.
Let me be in there.
I want to be there.
I wish that I am there.
All the time.
Can I get in there?
I want to be in there,
Just there.
Let me be in there.
Should I find me in there,
I get all up in there.
I got to be there.

You're the shit like early summer
The breeze the birds the bees they hummin'
If I know you there, I'm comin'
If not I'm stuck just wonderin'...shit, life
Where you at
What you doin' on your mind
How you feelin'
What you wearin'
How your hair look
What you readin' what's shit
Like how your mom how your dad is your car filled up with gas,
Did you eat get some sleep whatchoo wish (shit life)
How your kids look
How the gloss be on your lips
What's your scent
What's your man jeans and fast heels and skirts
Don't matter you make it work
Are you sneaky are you jealous
Do you love it do you tell me
Are you preachy prone to hurt
Should we make dreams on this earth
How you laugh about cash
Over that make it last did you see 'city of dark'
For all the shit that you be on
Fuck with kobe or lebron, oh my God

Writers: Ishmael Reginald Butler

Lyrics © Songtrust Ave , Fintage House Publishing

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