Mobb deep - Last days

Yeah, oh
It's easy for us, it's harder for them!
Easy for us, yeah

I'm looking for that next meal ticket ???
I'm in the kitchen, yeah you see me on my ???
Dance baby, get that money, I would never knock her!
Cause she reliable and let a nigger ???
I have the town looking like a ???
Floody, tsunami, ?? my two hobbies
I'm tired of this way, I need a new Bugatti
You niggers is too ??? listen for the ???
Already told you what it was when the rhyme started
My hunger is like a ?? this is what it had to offer
Gotta chase the stake and ???
Like some bitch won't stop until I pop her
Till I pop her to the cash proper
We're the realest! Check your facts, partner!

[Chorus x2]
Hey yow it's hot right here for a hustler
No matter what game you're playing, it's getting rougher
They're putting the squeeze on us, times is getting tougher
Yeah, ?? motherfucker ??? money like it's the last days!

??? my mouth dries ??? I need this
?? and I need this
Rap music is my heroin, my ??
My sex??? that bitch, come here, I'm horny!
Long strokes of my pen, I get it in
Without this, I would be ??? and stinking!
Niggers wanna shoot me down while I'm flying hot
?? cause I understand your pain, I was once there
Pockets so broke it made a nigger not care
I swear, I just on that next level of problems
Me and ??? the Royce or the ???
I'm trying figure this out, they gotta be away
To have it all, still show my niggers in the game
That is one life, one love ???
?? I go harder than the pain!

[Chorus x2]

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