9th wonder - Get together

What up tho!
(You just want me to come in and just start rapping?)
It's Murs
9th Wonder
The Final Adventure
Back together for the very last time
Let's go

And I'd like to introduce to you
The newest talent
One of my favorite emcees in the whole fuckin' world

I swim through the lane Olympic style
Backstroking consoling the crowd
Murder was the case and revenge was the way to get over clouds
Above my plane, they too plain to fuck with the child
Complain we fly now, 3:16's been
And they just want more of it like Rose and Joakim
Sweet Lord, I told 'em kill the board just like a pimp
And I slapped it out the back of the Denali on shiny rims
Shotgun was barreling out like caroling house
Door to door, spread the word that I'm sick and need House
MDs that rapper shit, I'm a Jamla emcee
And all I see is mofos who ain't flowing with me
The female Christian Bale try and fail to make the climb up
Took a leap of faith without the cape and they remind us
Of heroes, glowing like the candles in the shrine does
9th's a problem, I could probably even 99 up
To 100 even problems, ain't no bitch cause
I'm not one, my coming of age just like Bar Mitzvah
My mind like the Nolans when I'm holding sixteens
Flip flows like tides, touch deeper than dreams
Intercepting, what up ? word to the team
My underground army like Bane's underground kings
Good versus bad, it's the story of the people
Gave you Walk Like a Man, taught to fight against the evils
It ain't just the movie that moved me, or the music
It was you, and the stories of heroes that we believe in
Murf and Beef Dog, this the last adventure
And for never they'll forget like 25th December
The gift they gave the world in these fifty songs
Now salute the kings until I'm queen like 50 home
It's R to the A-P back with the cold flow
The Final Last Adventure, after this, there's no more

Five albums in like eight years
Gonna end it on a high instead of late in our careers
Love for my fans, hate from my peers
Guess that rapping 'bout that trapping ain't as great as it appears
We made our own lane for the morally sane
We try to educate as well as entertain
The cost of living foul, everybody gotta pay it
What up tho? You know I had to say it
Humble but it's known that we are the best team
The closest thing the kids got to Keith and Preem (Rest in Peace Guru!)
'Noughrespect to the voice
Rappers full of BS but at least you got a choice
The dynamic duo, the hood's favorite pastime
Murs and 9th Wonder for the very last time
The dynamic duo, the hood's favorite pastime
Murs and 9th Wonder for the very last time

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