9th wonder - Keep it going

We keep it going
Day and night, night and day
They all left cause Buck came, right away
Take a breath, who rep, how to play
You might be the best, but not today

I’m on fire
The number one indie provider
Set it off whenever we inside her
In place of my face, you see a rider
Underground like collider
A lotta people thought I was a fluke
Cause I had a backpack and some Timberland boots
But the trees still stand
These real fans stuck by me like a mommy saying, “He still can”
Any time you think of my son, think of a tan
Cause he will leave a mark like my name bue can
Damn I ain’t never seen niggas stop
But I seen Buck moving in the all-green drop
And the cops on the chase like, he’s full of Scotch
And my block know that Buckshot hustle for the guap
But I won’t do a dance like the Hustle or the Wop
I’ll take it back like classic rock
I’m Buckshot

I know why y’all always hiding the truth like a wire
Cause I got a grip on the game -- pliers
You lie around so much, you just a liar
I’m a tire, I roll out of control, low in the hole
We back, we crack like open toes
I suppose I should pose for the cam
But Buck’s so classic, my flow’s Pac-Man
Now, me and 9th is, um, at it again
Soon as I’m off the plane, I grab my pad and my pen
And I go in like doors with no locks
See my nigga Sean P Decept, no Go-Bots
I expect y’all to show props
Show no props, at a show you won’t cop
None of these
Every one of these emcees keep going like a old pair of dungarees
Ho, please I’m tired of pop
Lady Gaga hip-hop, her name Buckshot

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