9th wonder - The big bang

Out of nowhere, I appear
To some of y’all to most of y’all, I’m a pioneer
So when the sky is clear, and I appear ya hear (Big Bang)

Call me baby son, or little Collider
I mix the chemicals together and mix up a cider
I’m from the Big Apple, so when it light up, it’s a (Big Bang)

When I first dropped (when), in 9-3 (what)
A few labels shot (why), they couldn’t sign me
I had to climb these steps, my rep caused a (Big Bang)

First I’d go army style, first it’d be militant
My verses be on a style, my verses be diligent
Fuck a pow-pow, when I’m killing it, ya hear (Big Bang)

Mossberg, 45
.357 (click click), shorty live
I thought he lied, but was the alibi was the (Big Bang)
Y’all motherfuckers can’t hang

Independence Day right here right now
You only get one shot, let’s get it
(It's only the intro, mane)

We all started out, one vibration
One bell to rock, one live nation
Brought in the corporations, and separation caused the (Big Bang)

For those who love hip-hop, but say they hate hip-hop
Cause it’s too late to drop; I know you hate it, pops
It turned 8 o’clock, punching the clock in here (Big Bang)

Street beef for nothing, you ain’t eating nothing
How you beefing and not eating, boy, you’re cheating something
These D's is dumping, they take aim for the (Big Bang)

A drug dealer spot (what’s that?), we call it the track
Somebody gets shot, we call it a clap
The cops aim for your brain and that’s that, boy (Big Bang)

9th Wonder beats, Buckshot lyrics
Right under freeze, thus y’all feel it
Duckdown did it, E1 reveal it as the (Big Bang)

They told me keep it simple, so I keep it easy
Ruthless, niggas with attitudes can believe me
See, what the streets be, when you see me, you see a (Big Bang)

I’m strictly Beamers, that’s something else
You seeing me ‘cause I’m something else
You started speeding and both hit the belt, I heard a (Big Bang)

3 piece suit complement the car
You see the truth, I complement y’all
Yeah, I’m a star, baby pa, but so far from the (Big Bang)

You can get the braider, but don’t get it twisted
I’m the one who made it, you the one who wished it
You’re just wishing you was living it but felt the (Big Bang)
You can’t hang

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