Mobb deep - We about to get hectic

'Cause it about to get hectic
'Cause we about to get hectic

The streets got a nigga stressed out of type, bugging
I'm bugging, digging my ways out of holes by hustling
To [????] hold your pain or either a fever
And held a target side Buddha, now I'm looser
I fantasise about this [????] I [????] last week
And yo, that's me at the s[????], to pass me
But I was brought to reality, a rude awakening
My man just got taken, mad time he's facing
Jetted upstairs, got a call from my cousin
Back in Brooklyn, only fifteen the kid is bugging
Told me about the spot that he hit that had a drop on the spot
But his man almost got shot
Now it's the talk of the block 'cause he's dead and in the cab
The [????] [????] laughed, then he started [????] dive ass
Counted the cash, but one nigga tried to stash
[????] quills, niggas was up in his ass
As he kicked it, by the little story that he told
I was t[???] in his h[???], then off the old gold
Till I got to be on the other line, put him on hold
It was my shorty, told her call me back, kid you're too old
It was a quarter to one, Friday night
Loaded up my guns to blow the horns [????] my son
Son, you come through I got a proposition for you
Keep it on the low so the plan won't spoil
My crew's loyal, they came over in a minute
To kick it 'bout this nigga, who think he getting bigger
Pumping on our side, even though I'm from a whole
Other war, tonight's going to be his downfall
Him and everything he stand for
About this time, he be on the corner
Slinging with a crackhead, kept me bringing
[????] to the building, a bunch of bitches screaming
I figure we could get the goods, kill the nigga
And be it that we live right next to the river
We can catch him off guard, throw him in the water
Before the coastguards come on guard, this shit ain't hard
But think, the one you give a couple up's your fate
And keep your eyes open for the jakes, the snakes and the snitches
The ones you see, the nigga with the riches
Acting like a little bunch of bitches
Pointing me out in pictures
The Five-O's like "you know who is this"
It's Havoc, you better recognise it, realise

In Mobb's store, bring the niggas who were
Sure to trigger press, to lick you in the jaw
Raw, bullet holes, all in your clothes
Your v[???], now you lay with your eyes closed
In a casket you bastard, you went too fast kid
[????] why I motherfucking blasted
Hectic, I can't believe the shit beneath my eyes
I cannot think straight, or I might get hypnotised
I don't stress shit, 'cause I'm out to get mines
So when you step to me, you will be surprised
The type of shit I kick is [????] in the skies
So when you say the Mobb Deep time is a lie
You'll be swimming in a puddle with Death, and that's no threat
Hectic, hectic, hectic, hectic

When things get real, it ain't what you expected
Me and my peoples is known to get hectic
Only to wreck shit, many slugs in all directions
Make them see the light when my shots make connections
[????] getting faceprints in sections
Shooks use a grill at night for they protection
We absorb everything you fear
And indulge in a crime-filled atmosphere
Shit ain't nothing new, it's only things that we used to
We used to stick niggas on the F through to the E train
When it's time to recruit, I [????] on the D train
See my man D only to purchase my dope thang
Word to my unborn seed
A nigga got to make [????] to support greed
On the wild side of the fence, the shit is on the verge of explosion
It's so cold you might get frozen
If you leave yourself vulnerable, in timelapsing
Fools collapsing, got caught up in gun clapping
Don't matter who you are, if you know many faces
I don't discriminate, my shots bleed all races
And cultures, we sort of like vultures
Eating your insides like ulcers
And pause niggas pulses, like


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