Mobb deep - Gimme all that

Nigga there's a war going down outside, it not safe
If you want to feel safe stay far far away
You look very uncomfortable, you a good kid
Theodore Huxtable, I really do this shit
It's violence going on out here don't be a victim
Sh-sh-shit on you like Pun then light a doobie up
I'm getting big air, Mercedes Benz 'copter
Bitch meet me at the helipad hella fast
I need a little bit of paradise, gimme some
Do it how I like it with your heels on you pretty fuck
Then I'm back out in the world to take what's mine
I'm never done eating I'm hungry all the time
My lunch is insatiable for all this fly shit
Yeah I be having all that, I like to buy shit
The life we chose the lifestyle of a tycoon
Hardcore rap nigga fuck school

Gimme all that
May God bless me with the power to shine
My shit is all that
Gimme all that
My life is real dope, look at my things
Listen to my songs man
Gimme all that
Bitch bad as fuck, brain lit it up
Drink, smoke, pills and a gun
Gimme all that
Quick and not slow
Ain't fuckin' with it nigga if it's not about dough

Ask little mama who she fear the most
But not now let me finish getting down her thoat
You know I smoke the sour to the fucking roach
High as fuck riding up and down the fucking coast
Watch the paper accumulate
Anything less have a nigga out here losing faith
And I believe in the higher when my feet was to the fire
Mama love told me the devil, yeah he a liar
And you don't get a motherfucker place for being kinder
Before you know it motherfuckers out here tryin' to line ya
Hook sinker liner, you now eye-to-eye to
You're heavily perspired, you about to expire
Drama so off that you could set your clock to it
Fuck what you heard about it, do it like I do it
Tears to your eyes, eyes in fluid
Violence music so dope that you could shoot it

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