Young thug - Freestyle

Top floor type s***
Chandeliers with marble floors boy

My baby momma just put me on child support
F*** a warrant, I ain't going to court
Don't care what them white folks say I just wanna see my lil boy
Go to school, be a man and sign up for college boy
Don't be a fool, be a man
What you think that knowledge for
She dissed me in high school, no reason to acknowledge her
Lead by example, I don't f*** round with no followers
Follow up on everything I do, ask my girl
Call the cops I don't give a f***, I travel all around the world
Wake up, too late for breakfast
I need a lunch meal
My producer cut hoes off, Dun Deal
I'm real, I'm Quan all I speak is truthful
Come here all I want is you
Pull up , put it on me, baby girl bring it to me now
I'm just tryna get in than work my way out
I don't care who you came with
But you leaving with me for the rest of the night
It's over
Got good luck, four leaf clover
If she wanna f***, tell her come over
Thugga pulled up that's my brother
Same mother different daddies
Riding in that caddy
All black tint, you ain't seen this before
None of my s*** rented, you ain't seen this before
Tell me g what you spent
N**** I spent some more
Walked in with a new gun on me ya'll n****s thought I was playing
Ya'll n****s out here think you selling coke
You selling can
Thugga, my man
Birdman, my man
Two words: Rich Gang
YSL Rich Gang, Rich Homie for life aye
Try anyone of us you'll lose your life play
With these big dogs better have you're phone call it a night
I don't play no game, no way

Thought I was gone until I walked in like the man of the year
Got the endorsement with GTV ya'll n****s drinking beer
When it come to Young Thug yo b**** jump like she was drinking beers
Bottom of my car red I bang for real
I, spend a lil 60 on act I drank for real
I want Quan medication, he got pain pills
But I need to see my girl to make my pain heal
But I ain't never been in love I don't know how pain feel
Do my thang all across the globe
That's why I spend big banks on all my hoes
I spend the largest bank on all my clothes
That p**** wet she gotta dry it outdoors

Hit it from the back she like (aye aye)
All she know is (aye aye)
Money to the ceiling like (aye aye)
Thugga Thugga say (aye)
If you got a problem than (oh)
Shooting guns like (oh)
Stupid ho like (oh)
Condo full of (hoes)
I got stupid money, yeah that condo I just moved in boy I ain't even count it
N****s think they on 'cause they in a rental car everything on me and I own it
Number one a shopping everything I see I can buy that s*** if I want it
But everyday I wake up I'm tryna get my cake up with my Rich Homies

Three Gs on the blaze n****
Millionaires boy
Get ya game up n****
Living life like that boy
Life it's no tomorrow ya heard me
Rich Gang that fly s*** n****
Size up guarantee you gone lose
Ice game so fly
Drop a 50 on a n**** feet
F*** em
Let your people wear your T-shirts n****
Lets roll


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