Mac dre - Thizzle mountain

Uh whoah, its MD on 2 or 3 but who's counting when your on thizzle mountain baby, yes it is this thizzel, thizz is, who got them thangs, who's here ?

Verse 1'

I need a Ready made hoe that come wit heels
Eat tha whole thang
And don't split pills
Reals No niggaz wit deals
Know bout sit fields
Gettin her shit drilled
Get pills 6-5 a bulk
One thousand thizzles
Fo yo thoat
I need smoke to make things even can't you see how hard (how hard) I'm heavin,
I'm too hyphy off tha blue nike,
Went to school white tee
Oooh she like me,
Gucci nike didn't faze her
Wasn't that pill ma cuddiebro gave her
Its major see we eat em up
Poppin ma thizz bitch lemme beat em up
Speed it up lets get tha thang bouncin
Come wit me to thizzle mountain

Go go go, lets go to thizzle mountain,
You wanna come, then come to thizzle mountain, '
You wanna ride, ride, ride then ride to thizzle mountain,
I stand on thizzle mountain
We lookin down on thousands

you wanna go go go go go ?
Then come come come come come
You wanna ride ride ride ride ride ?
Then come come come come come
Oh boy !

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