Mac dre - That's wusup

Uh, look, look, cut
Cut look over there, look at that beezy (I see her, I see her)
Go beezy that's the pleaser, uh she stupid huh?
Teaser the dick pleaser
What is she doing?

[Verse 1]
She shakin' it up, tryin' to get spotted
Ripped off Hennessy, mixed with Hypnotiq
Man this chick got it, she a thinger
Work that lip like an R&B singer
Now she all in my beamer, it's two o' clockish
I'm a rap star boy, feelin' 2Pacish
Or rockish, call me Dre Van Halen
Or Thizzy Marley, I stay in inhalen
I rock a party til it turn a.m
It ain't a pary til they let Dre in
I do the wave man, and captain man
In some grey Vans, and some Raybans
I'm Mac Dre man, I do it illy
Silly off the pilly, really oh billy
What the deally keep feeling my cup
I'm feeling myself nigga that's wusup

[Chorus 1]
Some more Henny in my cup (that's wusup)
A telly in the cut (nigga that's wusup)
Some pilly and a blunt (that's wusup)
I'm finna act a nut (yeah that's wusup)
T.V.'s, DVD's (a that's wusup)
E's, hella trees (yeah that's wusup)
Knit back cap (uh that's wusup)
Baby crack that back (c'mon that's wusup)

Uh, uh that's wusup
uh ahh that's wusup
uh ahh that's wusup
uh ahh that's wusup

[Chorus 2]
I don't got no time if you don't got no money
I don't got no time if you don't got no money

[Verse 2]
She's pop sicle toes, man she's cold
You know me when I'm in my mode
I can talk fly off a piece of dookie
I can talk Muslim up out his kufe
Act goofy, girl get stuy
Miami this hit, call Chuy
Call the Louies, call my mama
This gon' be the biggest thang since Osama
You punks don't want know drama
I put you on pause stop you like a comma
I'm piranha, in bay waters
Knit back cap, throwback Starter
be -Boy with the square look decoy
Cutthoat, used to be a D-Boy
Three toys, on dub or more
Bring the hook back I'm finna club some more

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 3]
Since the police let me out the Pen
I've been stacking hella yen
Shillings, francs, even pesos
Big bank gettin' sloppy facials
I don't chase hoes, hoes chase me
Gettin' jaw in the Benz, with the AC
Blowing, almost harder than baby
No ones harder then Dre I'm gravy
Saucy, flossy, keep thangs bossy
A lil over ten, is what the rims cost me
A lil more Gin I do the Jim Brosky
Like Filmoe Slim, a pimp, you can't cross me
No shrimp, Dre eat prawns
And do you have any Grey Poupon
I want to rub it up, flip it up, smack it up
When I bust a nut lick it up that's wusup

[Chorus 1]

That's wusup
Nigga that's wusup
That's wusup
Yeah that's wusup
A that's wusup
Yeah that's wusup
Uh that's wusup
c'mon that's wusup

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