Mac dre - The pain

I came to bring the pain
Pain nigga (uh)
This don't feel like pain to me (no pain, no gain)
No Pain (hit em' with the heaters)

[Verse 1]
Potna I'm vicious, you better check my statistics
Pimp the blood out of bitches, and boy I off a witness
Coughin' on the cat piss with some gats under the matress
Two fat double actions that chop like axes
Nigga I tear patches, bring the heat like matches
Pigs tryin' to snatch us but they can't catch us
Cause homie with chip, is too quick for Crown Vic
Plus I gotta give em' the slip cause I'm a ex-convict
One more strike I'm out, fuck what they talkin' bout
I'm hyphin' out, ain't no strikin' out
I'm a home run hitta, get a, bitch to do my dirt
Nigga the game bring pain, that's why I hurt

[Chorus - 2X]
Feelin' the pain
Feelin' the pain
Feelin' the pain
(Once more)

[Verse 2]
I got some cuddies on Kemper, with some bad ass tempers
Just layin' dead to make a muthafucka wimper
In the winter rock some G-focs and peacoats, with the dope
Tryin' to push more flake than ski slopes
Pocket full of see-notes, tryin' to live life lav
But in this game sometimes you have to live like sav
It's a bumpy road, so I'm always in a grumpy mode
Drunk at the club, hella buzzed, nigga bumping hoes
Who knows I might bump a Bonnie like Clyde got
Run up with somethin' in the bitch, why not
I'm hot, disgusted, tired of being busted
I'm tellin' you somebody finna get hit with the musket

[Chorus - 2X]

[Verse 3]
I'ma do what I gotta do to get it up out of you
Fuck robbin' one, fool a rob a crew
We call it eattin' when we catch a fool leakin'
Straight face take his shit, nigga no sneakin'
We can get a knot out a spot, hop coast
Murder, get further, to a spot that's not close
Get cheese like nachos, go bother some notch hoes
Always keepin' the hascos strapped like Roscoes
P. Coldtrain, we feed cocaine
To the dope fiends, who need dope mayne
Knock, knock who is it
My lil' nigga with the smidgets
Tryin' to stack some digits
Nigga can you dig it?

[Chorus - 2X]

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