Mac dre - Black buck rogers

She?s a dime playa, but I need a 15
A queen lookin like she need to be in a magazine
Or a movie scene movin the green
Workin with a team that?s workin for a king
19 lean bustin out the seams of tight jeans no one-night please
I need something that?s goin bring the things that bling bling to a king
Green what do you mean
Hutch does dreezy like afro sheen
Get down with another broad if that?s yo thing
Its natural things and I?m smooth as cream
And I know you can sell a fool a dream
Top notcha better watch ya space-age pimp the black buck rogers
I ain't a trick but I spend a little to make a lot
You ain't tryna pop then hutch shake the spot
Got to make a knot, you tie my work
When the stack gets fat kick back and perk
I?m potent I be soakin it
Which side you ride with broke or rich
Now we bitch rider tryna get butter
Ass with the most cash lives hotter
It ain't a problem that I can?t fix
I keep it poppin and make more chips
Make more hits get the crew hyphy
She's my bitch but that?s your wifey
Smackin it or mackin it
The heat gonn skeet when I?m packin it
She?s a notch better watch shell sneak a cheat
With the black buck rogers bdbpp
Mac Dre the black buck rogers
Got drafts and cuts like the dodgers
Runnin check on her Throw em up in her
Shirt says champ but is she really a winner
Or really a beginner tryna enter
If she cool then fool I'm a sinner
It?s all about the cash put the trash in the cash
If you don?t understand girl I'm the man
Put it in my hand we can live life lav
24/7 I get my cash
Smash, fash, shake the dass
If the funk start bunk don?t wait to blast
I'm a cutthoat if you must know
I go for the green and the guts though
Don?t trust hoe body like mody (snitch!)
Black buck rogers is hyphy?n the party



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