Titus andronicus - My body and me

My body and me, we don't always get along
He tells me it's alright, I tell him he's all wrong
My body and me, it's only my body and me
But who is gonna be the team leader between us?
My body or me? We gonna see

My body and me, we just don't see eye to eye
He says, "I'm tryna live", I say, "You gotta die", why?
My body and me, we're just two wild and crazy guys
But who is gonna scream the louder this evening
My body or me? It will be he

And I want to leave
Leave my body completely
It's my body you see
My body, not me

My body and me, we can't talk man to man
Nor have a heart-to-heart but we're walking hand in hand, damn
And my body and me, we each got our own demands
But who could weave the dream to deceive you the deeper?
My boy, better believe it will be me
Nobody but me
Yeah, nobody but me

My body, my body
And me
My body, my body
And me
My body, my body
And me
And me
One, two, three, four

Writers: Patrick Joseph Stickles


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