Songteksten van The Hold Steady

A Slight Discomfort
A Snake In The Shower
Almost Everything
Ask Her for Adderall
Banging Camp
Barely Breathing
Barfruit Blues
Big Cig
Blackout Sam
Both Crosses
Can You Please Crawl out Your Window?
Cattle And The Creeping Things
Certain Songs
Charlemagne in Sweatpants
Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night
Chill Out Tent
Chillout Tent
Chips Ahoy!
Confusion in the Marketplace
Constructive Summer
Crucifixion Cruise
Cruxifixion Cruise
Curves and Nerves
Denver Haircut
Don't Let Me Explode
Entitlement Crew
Family Farm
First Night
Frighten You
Girls Like Status
Hanover Camera
Heavy Covenant
Hornets! Hornets!
Hostile, Mass.
Hot Fries
Hot Soft Light
How a Resurrection Really Feels
Hurricane J
I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You
Joke About Jamaica
Kille Parties
Killer Parties
Lord, I'm Discouraged
Massive Nights
Me & Magdalena
Milkcrate Mosh
Modesto Is Not That Sweet
Modesto Is Not That Sweet
Most People Are DJs
Multitude of Casualties
Navy Sheets
On with the Business
One for the Cutters
Our Whole Lives
Parade Days
Party Pit
Positive Jam
Rock Problems
Runner's High
Same Kooks
Separate Vacations
Sequestered in Memphis
Sketchy Metal
Slapped Actress
Soft In The Center
Some Kooks
South Town Girls
Southtown Girl
Southtown Girls
Star 18
Stay Positive
Stevie Nix
Stuck Between Stations
Sweet Payne
T-Shirt Tux
The Ambassador
The Feelers
The Last Time That She Talked To Me
The Most Important Thing
The Only Thing
The Prior Procedure
The Smidge
The Stove & The Toaster
The Sweet Part Of The City
The Swish
The Weekenders
Traditional Village
Unpleasant Breakfast
Wait a While
We Can Get Together
Yeah Sapphire
You Can Make Him Like You
You Did Good Kid
You Gotta Dance
You Gotta Dance (With Who You Came With)
You Gotta Dance (With Who You Came to the Dance With)
Your Little Hoodrat Friend