Titus andronicus - Within the gravitron

People are acting angry because people are afraid
They fight over a future that gets shorter by the day
The unrelenting train of progress ever pushing through
Says, "Anything that we can do is what we're going to"

That's why we're spinning in a centrifuge
Where the unscrupulous can never lose
It's enough to make you want to puke
Spinning in a centrifuge and never being asked to choose
Oh, what is a person to do?
Spinning in a centrifuge will make you want to puke

You'd think that such a fight would make the fighter very tired
But it only gets them more excited and twice as inspired
To go and find another guy and pummel him on sight
The fight is all that matters, the opponent? Nevermind

Oh, why is man obsessed with making something die?
I'll tell you why, to cast the false illusion of their might
As women carry the secret of life
Carry the secret of life or shrivel up under the light
The light is beautiful and bright, oh my

From the mother country to the fatherland
They're looking for Trouble man
All over creation, they are chasing, hot damn
They're wondering where I am
Waves of secret agents in a caravan
Shaking hammers in their hands
Satan's elevation is their major plan, they're making it happen

But if you're looking for Trouble man
I might start with your dearest friend
Or you just might look at the president
Or anyone between the two of them
Pondering where it began, trying to find the alien
Bit if you're looking for Trouble man
Nothing can show you like a mirror can
Oh yeah

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