Jagged edge - Yours & mine

JE ya'll, eh, JD ya'll (that's me) Swiss Beats c'mon.

[Jagged Edge]Chorus
The world is yours and mine, break this up, none of that stuff.
The world is yours and mine, yeah, work to hard, way to much.
The world is yours and mine, whatever you want, can't stop us.
The world is yours and mine, me and you, the world is yours and mine.

[Jermaine Dupri]
I remember when we first hooked up we were only 17,
cut-off shirts and jeans was your only way seen.
What I had didn't matter, it was all about us,
all day on the phone and the stuff we discussed.
I used to come over when your mom was gone.
We didn't know what we were doing but we got our freak on.
One thing led to another, I introduced you
to my mother like "ma, this my girl."
That was when it started getting real,
feeling kept getting caught, gifts
started being bought and everybody knew the deal.
We used to hang out, kiss, argue and all that.
Hang up the phone and call right back.
I got to know you like the back of my hand.
And, you got to show me how a girl can love a man,
and we took a small thing to a new land.
And when I said I loved you I wanted you to understand,
its real.

[Chorus 1x]

[Jermaine Dupri]
The only thing we got.
Everyone said that you were goin to change,
but when 2-1 came, you were still in the game.
'92s new version of Bonny and Clyde,
no matter what it was we were side-by-side.
You know the type you see getting it in a
photo booth, matching shirts, flea market, photo shoots.
Everything I saw cute, shit, you had to have it.
What's the fly life if a nigga can't share it?
Every new dollar made I put it on you.
Everything around your collar, braid, put it on you.
At car dealership, shit, nigga bought two.
And when I went away I got yo name tatoo.
Hey yo, I'm trying to put the Bling Bling on yo hand,
cause ah, you showed me how a girl can love a man.
And, ah, we took a small thing to a new land and
when I said I loved you I wanted you to understand,
its real.

[Chorus 1x]

[Jermaine Dupri]
Yo, all of my nigga's that know what I'm saying,
look yo girl and in the eyes
and say...

[Jermaine Dupri and Jagged Edge]
Girl your so off the chain. You took the
freighter straight out the game. Now I
know what a good thing feels like, I know,
I gotta have you in my life.
Got me feeling messed up inside,
you make a nigga just wanna do right.
Me and you is like Dre and Snoop Dogg,
as long as we together, we can have it all.

Ha, you know what I'm talking about.
When you love a man, sing to him, man.
It ain't shit, man. Know what I'm saying - ball on.

---Now ride it out


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